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Vinyl Flooring in Livermore, CA

Vinyl flooring continues to innovate and protect, making it one of America’s favorite flooring mediums. Offering stunning styles for every space, this flooring family is genuinely for everyone. At Carpet One Floor & Home of Livermore, CA, we can help the perfect vinyl product to meet your everyday needs. You’re going to love our selection of nature-inspired visuals and incredible construction, with hundreds of plank and tile options available.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is sold in plank and tile form, as well as sheet vinyl. Available in rolls, sheet vinyl is made with a limited budget in mind, yet this product has improved drastically in recent years. Advanced in digital printing technology have made for a sheet product that offers realistic wood and stone looks. Easy to install and considered waterproof, sheet vinyl flooring is low-maintenance and is a favorite of property managers and others who have excessively large areas to cover.


For the most realistic hardwood looks, consider a luxury vinyl plank. Vinyl plank flooring is available in a wide range of finishes and textures. It allows you to enjoy hardwood styles in spaces where the real thing isn’t an option. Vinyl tile mimics the looks of artisan tile and natural stone. This manufactured tile is lovely for both walls and floors, and its customization options are endless. Your vinyl tile doesn’t require grouting or grading and is extremely affordable.


WPC, or wood plastic composite flooring, is also considered waterproof. WPC flooring works in any indoor space, and since it’s especially durable, it is popular in the commercial sector. Available in both planks and tiles, WPC is suitable for all types of spaces.


A hybrid vinyl flooring that offers up the best of both worlds, rigid core flooring is waterproof, comfortable, and quiet underfoot, and available in all sorts of nature-inspired visuals. It readily resists scratches and stains, offering beautiful looks you’ll love throughout your home.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


All vinyl flooring is made to manage regular moisture. Specific options go the extra mile. Waterproof vinyl calls on a couple hidden weapons to attain its exceptional skills. Its reinforced backing, watertight core, and clear topcoat mean spills from children or pets won’t stand a chance. Accidents are safely trapped on the surface where they can be wiped clean, leaving no trace behind.


Knowing the difference between a waterproof floor and a water-resistant floor can make an impact on your purchase in a positive way. No one wants to think their floors can manage moisture when in fact that is not what they are built for. A variety of vinyl floors come in water resistant options. Water resistant floors can repel moisture from their surface, but the core will eventually soak up any moisture. Water resistant floors are a good option for spaces in your home that you clean often so they are not forgotten.


A waterproof floor repels any type of moisture, protecting both the floor itself as well as your subfloor. Manufacturers use materials such as limestone dust and PVC composites in the core because these materials do not absorb moisture. Vinyl floors won’t buckle, crack, or warp due to being exposed to moisture. Waterproof flooring is an intelligent choice for families who have pets in their homes. Pets have accidents and you cannot always get to them right away, so waterproof flooring takes away the worry of your floors being destroyed. You should always keep in mind that even if your flooring is waterproof, that does not mean your subfloor is waterproof.


Waterproof vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your home including the kitchen & bathroom, laundry room and even entryways. It’s so realistic looking that it would also be a good option for a bedroom or living room.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl floors fare wonderfully in almost any interior setting. There are even commercial-grade options for spaces prone to heavier wear. Waterproof vinyl products are strongly recommended if you have children and pets at home.


Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


Carpet One Floor & Home of Livermore boasts incredible purchasing power and carries all your favorite flooring brands. Please visit us soon at 1917 First Street in Livermore, CA, to learn more about our vinyl flooring options, or shop us online today.



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Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are among the world’s easiest to live with. If you like to maintain a simple, quick home-care regimen, vinyl flooring truly has it all.