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Benefits Linoleum Flooring

Though there’s a wide variety of flooring options for homeowners to choose from, the basic attributes that everyone wants are attractiveness, long-life, ease of maintenance, and of course affordability. Linoleum is one flooring option that does an excellent job of delivering all three.


Linoleum has been one of the most popular and widely-used flooring types for a long time. It was invented almost 150 years ago and quickly became a favorite choice of both homeowners and builders.


Unlike vinyl, linoleum flooring is manufactured entirely with natural materials. The main ingredient is linseed oil, which is then mixed with stone powder for hardness and other materials to produce colors and designs, then solidified in a special process.


Linoleum can be used throughout the entire home or just in applications where its unique benefits are particularly useful. Some of those benefits include:



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