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Healthier Living Installation


One of the harsh realities when it comes to floor installations is that they can often produce health hazards that can decrease the air quality in your home. These health hazards often come in the form of mildew and bacteria that form from dust and dirt that is left behind. The Healthier Living Installation (HLI) was designed by Carpet One to reduce these risks while improving the overall cleanliness of your new flooring installation.


The Healthier Living Installation is able to successfully eliminate 99% of the dangerous particles that would have otherwise been left behind. The HLI process beings by cleaning the original floor using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. This vacuum can successfully pick up tiny particles and bacteria that would be missed by the average vacuum. After the HEPA vacuum is used, the affected area will be sprayed with a mist of our HealthinEX Antimicrobial Treatment; a spray that is designed to condition and prevent bacterial growth in the area. The HealthinEX Antimicrobial Treatment is EPA approved and should be a concern for you or your family. The flooring will then be installed, followed by the same HEPA vacuum job that was done at the beginning of the job.


The HLI process ensures the overall air quality of your home will not be harmed by the flooring installation. As the years go on, you can feel comfort in knowing that your floor was given the proper care and treatment it deserves with the healthier Living Installation.


For more information on the Healthier Living Installation, visit Carpet One Floor & Home of Livermore, CA. Our courteous and professional team is excited to work with you. 




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