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Carpet Flooring in Livermore, CA

Nothing comes close to lush, new carpet flooring. Comfortable, colorful, and ever-endurable, modern-day carpet offers up something for everyone. Today, there are even carpets that can successfully coexist with kids and pets.

We carry a full inventory of carpet flooring options at Carpet One Floor & Home of Livermore, CA. With options to suit every space and style, we encourage you to visit us soon and explore your carpet options. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for carpet.


Types of Carpet


Which carpet flooring is the smartest option for your home or business? Now is the time to carefully consider your space, its uses, and your budget. The fibers in your carpet, or carpet pile, will determine how your rug looks and functions. Carpet pile is made using natural and synthetic materials, including wool, triexta, and nylon. Weave styles include level-loop and shag.


Nylon is one of the softest and strongest types of carpet pile. This impressive synthetic fiber is usually treated for long-term stain resistance. For this reason, nylon carpets can be pricier than other synthetics, but they won’t generally fade from sun exposure. Polyester looks and feels a lot like nylon carpet, but with lower upfront costs. Not too long ago, polyester didn’t have the wear capabilities that nylon has. Fortunately, recent innovations have changed this. Today, there are stain and wear-resistant polyester options.


Triexta is a synthetic boasting some of the strongest stain-resisting technologies available today. Since triexta doesn’t need to be coated or treated to achieve this fete, it maintains these capabilities even as time marches forward. Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that’s usually used to create intricately patterned carpets. It has good looks but isn’t as durable as other types of synthetics. Olefin carpets are better reserved for formal rooms, such as living rooms, where style is a bigger priority than durability.


Wool is natural fiber obtained from natural sheep fleece. Since it holds dyes exceptionally well, wool carpets are a stunning addition for spaces where vivid color is desired. Wool is naturally water resistant and can trap harmful allergens in its pile, thus serving as an effective air filter for allergy sufferers.


Carpet Installation


Modern carpet flooring can be installed in nearly any type of interior space. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two exceptions to this rule. Choose to carpet with care. A lush, shag carpet might be enticing in the bedroom but not necessarily appropriate for a children’s playroom. Our carpet specialists can help steer you towards the smartest choices for the best outcome.


While some might initially shudder at the thought of carpeted stairs, we promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this option. Sustainable and safe for daily life, carpeted stairs have an advantage over wooden stairs, which can quickly become treacherous when walked upon by wet sneakers. In the event of a slip or fall, your carpeted staircase will provide ample cushioning, lessening chances of a serious injury.


Are you considering carpets for your stairway? We can help you find the perfect products to compliment your décor and lifestyle, guiding you throughout the process. We can even install it for you! Installing carpeting is a job best left to the professionals, and this especially holds true when it comes to your stairs. Want to learn more about your softer stairway options? Call us today and schedule your FREE onsite project estimate.


Our Carpet Selection


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Livermore, we’re always on the hunt for the latest carpet innovations. You’ll be pleased to encounter all the hottest carpet flooring brands, including Karastan, in our showroom, located at 1917 First Street. You can also shop our carpet products online. Want to learn more? Please call us today at (925) 965-7816.



More on Carpet


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Caring for Carpet Flooring

Now that you have your new carpet, the next step is keeping it clean. While we recommend weekly vacuuming, we also suggest scheduling deep cleanings every 6 to 12 months depending on how often you are on your carpet.