Voyager Collection

A live of unique hardwood floors to consider for your lifestyle.

The Voyager Collection

Are you looking for a hardwood floor that has a unique appearance while maintaining the durability and function that hardwood is known for? Well look no further, because your needs may be satisfied by the Voyager Collection.

The Voyager Collection is a Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brand of hardwood flooring that features a collection of bamboo, cork, and exotic hardwoods at various price points, making it a suitable hardwood brand for almost anyone! Our vendors use wood sourced from managed growth forests that comply with environmental and import regulations, making the Voyager Collection the perfect selection for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

For those seeking the unique appearance of woods featured in the Voyager Collection, some might be skeptical that the floor sacrifices functionality for unique visuals.

For those seeking durability, bamboo would be a good choice. Bamboo is harvested during its peak hardness around 5 years of age. Bamboo is harder than oak and is nearly as hard as maple.

For those seeking comfort, cork might be the best option. Cork contains thousands of small air pockets which allow it to trap warm air and gives the floor the softness of carpet.

All Voyager Collection products come with Carpet One Floor & Home’s Platinum warranty, which provides 30 years of finish, wear, manufacturing, structural integrity, and installation coverage. This can provide you with the assurance that your floor will perform to the highest standards and you can feel confident about your purchase.