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No doubt about it, solid hardwood flooring is posh, enduring, and luxurious – there’s truly nothing like it. Or is there? As it turns out, the traditional solid hardwood that’s adorned many a historical home is no longer the sole option for those dreaming of glossy hardwood planks. These days, commercial and residential consumers have more flooring options than ever before, with hardwood flooring now available in both solid and engineered forms. Both beautiful, both organically derived; it’s difficult and sometimes even impossible to differentiate the two upon initial glance. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eyes.

Solid Hardwood

Traditionalists and historians prize it, as do those prone to frequent bouts of redecorating. Solid hardwood, with its planks comprised of a single piece of hardwood, is the original hardwood flooring. It can be re-sanded and refinished as many times as you wish over the course of its lifetime. Still, solid hardwood has limitations. It will shrink or expand if it gets wet, and cannot be installed below grade. It can also be pricey.

Engineered Hardwood

While it looks and feels almost identical to solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is actually crafted in many different layers. While still made entirely of natural wood, engineered hardwood often has a water-resistant core, and is topped off with a protective, scratch-resistant coating. It resists moisture and can be installed below grade, boldly going where hardwood flooring had not gone before. It can be refinished a couple of times over its lifetime, and is more affordable than its solid cousin.

Our Hardwood Selection

As your local flooring experts, Carpet One of Livermore is your one-stop source for all types of hardwood flooring and related services. We carry a wide variety of both solid and engineered hardwood, including Carpet One exclusive brands not available anywhere else. Do you have a challenging spot? Engineered hardwood flooring is our specialty!

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