Natural Stone Tile

An incredibly durable and authentic flooring option.

Natural Stone Tile

carpet one of livermore natural stone tileYou Can Have Beautiful Natural Stone Floors!

Designers in the flooring industry have been trying to replicate the look of natural stone for years. Well now you don’t have to replicate the look because we have natural stone flooring at Carpet One of Livermore.

Like hardwood, a main attraction of stone flooring is that every tile has its own unique, natural appearance and no two stones will look the same. Stone tiles have a luxurious appearance with lots of character, and installing stone tile will add value to your home. And if it wasn’t already obvious, stone is incredibly durable and is available in a world of different colors, patterns, and designs.

Stone can be used for many applications including flooring, wall covering, walkways, countertops, and fireplaces. Some common types of stone used in homes are marble, limestone, granite, slate, travertine, and sandstone. Stone has differing hardness levels, depending on the minerals within the stone. Hardness is rated on a scale of 1-10 using Moh’s hardness test, with 10 being the hardness of diamond, and 1 being the hardness of talcum powder.

Stone flooring can come in different finishes. A thermal or flamed finish is a rough surface that is created through extreme heat by removing moisture from the surface. Tumbled stone is a slightly rough texture that is created by tumbling the stone with sand or steel bearings to create a weathered look. A honed surface is very soft, and reflects little light, which effectively hides scratches. Finally, a polished surface is very smooth and reflects a lot of light due to the crystalline structure of the stone. Polished surfaces can be a lot to maintain if used for flooring, as the high gloss of the surface will wear easily.

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