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Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Beauty Built To Endure

Combining the luxurious looks and textures of hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile, with the versatility and durability of vinyl, luxury vinyl flooring (or LVT flooring) is more than just beautiful. This flooring is made to withstand all of life’s messes. A smart addition to nearly any space, luxury vinyl is designed exclusively with you, your budget, and your lifestyle in mind.

Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

Carrying a comprehensive collection of luxury vinyl flooring products in its Livermore showroom, Carpet One of Livermore is proud to serve all your home décor needs. With our vast selection of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, we’re certain there’s one you’re going to love: one that suits your unique style that’s made to last.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

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Natural Looks

You love the supple, organic textures of wood and stone- but could do without the added expense and ambitious upkeep. With luxury vinyl, you can enjoy the looks you love without every worrying about water damage, dents, or scratches.

Invincible H2O waterproof flooring

Water Resistance

Water can wreak havoc your hardwood floors, making this flooring a poor choice for some households with young children or multiple pets. A much more durable alternative, luxury vinyl is an appropriate flooring for your kitchen or bathroom since it’s made to resist moisture. For those requiring additional durability, there are even varieties that are waterproof at their very core.

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Invincible LVT flooring

Wear Resistance

Your luxury vinyl floor was made with you in mind. Whether you’re a parent, a pet lover, or simply someone with a hectic lifestyle, you’ll never have to worry about
stains, scuffs, or other damages. Luxury vinyl is also an absolute cinch to clean.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

Luxury vinyl is made to replicate the authentic look and feel hardwood and stone, and is also resistant to moisture and can handle daily life. Vinyl floors make the perfect option for kitchen and bathroom flooring because of their looks and durability.

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Types of Luxury Vinyl

From budget-friendly sheet vinyl, to WPC and rigid core, which type vinyl flooring is right for you? Here’s what you need to know, in the form of a brief vinyl types overview.

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