Carpet for Your Stairs… Are they Necessary?

carpet for stairs carpet one of livermoreYou must be thinking, why would someone install carpet in their stairs?  The two main reasons involve safety.  During rainy or snowy weather, wooden floors, especially painted wood floors tend to get slippery when they’re wet or when you have moisture on your shoes.  Carpets provide traction.  And, if you or someone that you love does slip and fall on the stairs, carpeting offers a great cushion and can help slow or stop the person who slipped from falling all the way down the stairs. Some people may be concerned because it seems that carpeting on stairs gets dirty faster and wears out faster.  Each of these assertions is true. The reason is that a stairway is narrower than the floor in a living room or most other parts of a house.  

You can walk in and out of a living room to get something and perhaps never step on the same spot during the trip.  When you go up and down the stairs, you may touch each footstep returning as you did going. For this reason, people often order additional carpet for that time when the staircase runners wear out; or in some cases, by a carpet that is not from the same carpet roll as the rest of the room the stairs are in, but rather they buy complementary carpet, but carpet intended to last longer. 

Having carpet installed in stairs is a job for professional. A wrinkled carpet can be a frustration that you have to walk on every day, and a wrinkled carpet may cause you or someone else to take a spill down the steps. 

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