Area Rugs

Information on a stylish and practical flooring option.

Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs are the champions of your home's floors! Offering protection, beauty and comfort, area rugs do it all. If you struggle to find solutions for your home's flooring and interior design, area rugs may be what you need.


Don't like the way your furniture looks with your flooring? No problem. Purchase an area rug that matches your furniture. Buying a room-sized area rug will hide most of the flooring underneath, so no one will be able to see the actual floor in the room. If you like your flooring and want parts of it to remain visible, buy an area rug that uses colors to tie your home's furnishings and flooring together.

Carpet Maintenance

Carpet can last for many years, but in homes with young children and pets, carpeting's service life can be reduced. Area rugs are a relatively inexpensive solution to your home's carpeting maintenance problems. Laying down area rugs and runners in your home's hallways can preserve your carpeting for later years.

Warmth and Comfort

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but in the winter they can seem a little cold. Laying down an area rug on your hardwood floors can bring warmth and comfort to your home. Like the look of your hardwood floors as is? Purchasing an area rug that leaves the outer limits of the room visible so you can enjoy the benefits of an area rug while also revealing the beauty of your home's hardwood floors.


Hardwood and tile floors are slippery. This can be a particular danger to young children and the elderly. Carpeting the whole home can be expensive, but laying down area rugs in high-traffic locations can save money and prevent accidents.

Noise Control

High-heeled shoes and hard soles can be noisy on hard floors. Area rugs enable you to walk more quietly through the rooms of your home. For parents of babies and in homes with light sleepers, area rugs can help keep the peace.

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