Backsplash Tile

Style and Protection for your Kitchen

Backsplash Tile For Your Home

Most homes today come with either a solid surface kitchen counter or tile counter. That layer goes from the counter edge to the back wall, climbs upward a few inches and then stops. And then the finished wall itself sits bare, exposed to the activities of a working kitchen. Commercial kitchens don't allow this; a protective surface known as a backsplash is installed to protect the wall. 

For the home a backsplash can easily be installed with tile. And because tile offers so much variation in appearance, look, color, surface and texture, tile is one of the most creative surface materials to work with. 

Because kitchen backsplash tile is so durable, it won't stain or discolor from the effects of splashed food, acids, and bases. It also doesn't smoke up immediately from exposure to heat. And this is why a tile backsplash is such a great idea, especially in a home that has a lot of stove and oven cooking. And with quality backsplash designs and the numerous tile choices available, some incredible combinations are very possible. Don't think of tile backsplashes as basic square grids. Curves, rolling lines and definitions, and mixtures of different tile types can all be integrated.  So when you've decided your kitchen needs an upgrade and big appearance change, as well as a change in color, a tile backsplash may very well be the ticket for your home. This choice is particularly handy for renovations on a budget or where folks want to really let their creative juices take over the project a bit and come up with surprises. Further, tile is easy to remove and replace if the first choice isn't quite what was desired. That's not quite possible or so easy with other materials. So let yourself dream a bit and spice up your kitchen with a unique and eye-catching backsplash tile wall.

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